Vegas, My Vegas

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on June 11, 2013

Just got back from the AAPEX Exhibitor Summit. What fun! If you haven’t been to that event, plan on it for next June. All you need to do is get there -- the sponsors (AAIA, AASA, The Venetian/Sands Expo Center, Freeman, etc.) work hard to cover nearly everything else, including your hotel room. What you will learn is a big lesson in how to save money on your exhibit, lighting, move in, move out, decorating and all the other details of being an exhibitor at AAPEX. One event attendee shared with me that he found ways to save his company $50,000, another said she saved $20,000. Big bucks. Ignoring the blistering 110 degrees that week, the group greatly enjoyed a private cocktail party at the V bar in The Venetian, along with all the one-on-one vendor sessions and a fun and inspiring “stealing genius” exercise. I am delighted to say that the redecorating at the Sands is complete and it is terrific -- light and bright and techie looking. If you are curious about the Exhibitor Summit, contact Arlene Davis at or 240-333-1064 to assure your company’s seat for next year. Can’t wait to see you in Vegas in November. This year’s show will be the best ever.

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