That's a Rap! (I think...)

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on November 21, 2011

During my opening remarks at the AAIA Town Hall during AAPEX earlier this month, I crafted what was intended to be a fun little rap commentary on the aftermarket industry. However, without cool background music, I ended up with a cross between a poem and rap -- soon to be a new genre in the music world.

Anyway, a number of folks have requested an encore, so here you go --

Miles driven, terms given;

Debt ceiling, sinking feelings;

New car sales, vs. high-speed rails;

Emerging markets, diagnostic sockets;

Re-tooling plants, Wall Street rants;

Interest rates, primary dates;

Generation Ys, tax cut tries;

Ten-year Treasury yield, unusual Republican field;

Equity market worries, early winter flurries;

Greece goes down, shrimp prices rebound;

Working hard on Right to Repair, market moves from Bull to Bear;

Baby boomers getting old, investment performance going cold;

Aftermarket growth is up, up, up... other industries sure do suck.