Our Achilles' Heel is Healing Nicely

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on January 20, 2015

We all know that miles driven is the Achilles' heel of the auto care industry.


Fewer miles driven equal fewer parts sold and less service and repair performed.

It’s a simple equation that’s influenced primarily by economic downturns, unemployment and gas prices.

But, politics aside, just looking at the numbers, our industry is running along nicely thanks to a pretty robust stock market, reduced unemployment figures and a significant drop in gas prices.


The drop in gas prices alone has been very good news to consumers and to the auto care industry. I recently read that every penny decline in gas prices gives about $1 billion back to consumers. 


With the average price at the pump today about $1.22 cheaper than a year ago (and the lowest since May 2009), that’s a heck of a lot of new-found disposable income for vehicle owners to pump back into vehicle maintenance and repair and another road trip or two.


What a great opportunity to help customers understand savings beyond the pump now that their mind is off gas prices! See this infographic from the Car Care Council on this very subject.

gas prices