New Name, New Brand, New Story: Coming Spring 2014

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on December 05, 2013

If you attended the AAIA Town Hall breakfast during AAPEX, you saw the 90-second video previewing an ambitious and bold rebranding initiative by our association.

If you didn’t see the video, please visit to view it, and turn up the volume.

Based on extensive research with industry leaders, consumers and other stakeholders, we made a strong case for rebranding because outside of our industry, the term aftermarket is confusing, misunderstood, irrelevant and, in some cases, downright negative.

You’ve all been there. You’ve experienced it.

Talking with the neighbor, your family, to the person next to you on the plane, trying to explain what the automotive aftermarket is.

Our government affairs staff spends the first few valuable minutes with a legislator or regulator just explaining our association and the industry it represents – who we are, what we do, our value and contributions to jobs, the economy, safety, commerce, personal mobility… and more.

Our rebranding initiative has two parts:

•             First, we are changing the association’s name from the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association to the Auto Care Association, effective spring 2014.

•             Second, we are redefining our industry for our numerous audiences and stakeholders. They include state and federal policymakers, the media, motorists, educators, young people and their parents, and Wall Street.

We are replacing the term automotive aftermarket with the auto care industry when communicating with these stakeholders.

We hope others will too. This will all become official in the spring of 2014.