Lots of Hot Air About Gas

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on June 05, 2012

All year a bunch of energy analysts and “experts” have been predicting gloom and doom for the motoring public (and the overall economy) because gas prices were sure to “skyrocket”  to $5 a gallon or higher this spring and summer.  As prices at the pump inched up a few pennies seemingly every day, we were inundated with TV crews passionately reporting at gas stations in every town and city every morning and night trying to make news about the “pain at the pump.”

Web sites and apps offered up- to- the- minute help for the consumer who wanted to drive all over town wasting time and burning fuel to find a gas station where they could save a few cents. News reporters interviewed folks pumping gas who said they might have to postpone their traditional family vacation road trip because of higher gas prices.

Really?  If you took a 500 mile road trip and your car averaged 25 mpg and the cost of gas was up 20 cents a gallon, the total additional cost would be $4.  Please!  OK, double the miles driven and double and cost per gallon to a whopping $8. Come on. Skip a couple of Starbucks.  Pack a lunch.

So why am I making a big deal about this?  Because I’m tired of hearing all the hype about the impact of rising gas prices which is not a big deal.  It’s not news.  It’s misleading and it unduly scares people until they put it all in perspective. Luckily, this time consumers didn’t buy the media hype.

Now, get out there and drive!