It Really Is a Small World, Isn’t It?

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on October 16, 2013

I know, it’s an obvious and overused statement. Yet too many individuals, companies and organizations still wear border blinders and think and operate in comfort zone silos. That’s why it’s so important and mutually beneficial to spend a few days in the shoes of your global counterparts to share experiences and make serious commitments to collaborate and cooperate for the greater good.

It happened just last week in fact. Our association hosted leaders of several European and South African automotive aftermarket (auto care) organizations for week-long talks on a number of issues of mutual interest. It was during these meetings that, once again, I was reminded of how many issues and challenges and concerns we share regardless of geography, economy, language or culture.

From battling the car companies for access to repair information and challenges posed by car company telematics systems to the U.S./EU free trade agreement, our counterparts throughout the world are dealing with many of the same legislative and technical issues as we are. Through in-person meetings such as last week’s, we learned from our global counterparts and they learned from us how critical it is to work together to ensure a strong consumer-driven auto care industry around the world.

It’s obvious that our industry is a global industry.

Let’s make sure it’s obvious that we act like one.