Countdown to Showtime

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on October 28, 2013

Now it’s getting down to hours before the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for our trade show – AAPEX.

Miles of show floor space to walk in the Sands Expo Center visiting exhibitors and seeing new products.

Dozens of receptions to reconnect with colleagues and meet new ones.

Endless meetings to pitch and be pitched about new programs and initiatives.

Dinners ending way too late at night, followed by way too early morning rises.

If this sounds grueling and tiring, it is. But what it really is, is enjoyable, entertaining, educational, productive and profitable. It’s face-to-face time with the players in the industry with whom everyone wants to play.

This is the experience for which thousands of our association members are preparing, whether they are working their booths or looking for products to buy. And I’m pleased and proud to say that this year there are more exhibitors, more booths and more buyers at AAPEX than ever before. Ever!

Many thanks to the individuals at our member companies and all companies from around the world who are preparing to participate in the AAPEX experience.