Celebrate YOUR Industry During National Car Care Month!

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on April 05, 2012

Happy National Car Care Month, everyone! April is the center of celebration in our industry, and we invite you to join the industry-wide party by participating in the Car Care Council’s “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign during National Car Care Month!

The campaign is now in its tenth year of bringing the most comprehensive vehicle maintenance information to motorists, and it is easier than ever to get involved and reach out to your customers. The council has a new and improved website, an online industry toolkit, a new “behind-the-scenes” video for consumers and an expanded social media presence. Central to National Car Care Month are community car care events that feature free vehicle check-ups or inspections hosted by repair shops, stores and other businesses. Click here to see some of the events already scheduled for 2012! You can participate in many ways – whatever level works for your business. A shop could something as simple as hang a banner over a bay and invite current customers and prospective customers to stop by for a free inspection and pick up a free Car Care Guide.  If your business is on Twitter, use #NCCM2012 and tag @CarCarCouncil.

National Car Care Month has just started and runs throughout April, and there are countless ways for you to join the celebration! Visit www.carcare.org today.

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