Breaking Ground on the Impact of E-Tailing

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on September 23, 2014

I am very excited about the recent release of the Auto Care Association’s first-of-its-kind study on the depth and breadth and impact of e-tailing in the auto care industry. The study reveals that e-tailing is our industry’s fastest growing retail sector, and becoming a significant revenue stream for auto parts sales.

The new digital E-Tailing in the Automotive Aftermarket study refers to parts sold via publicly accessible websites to DIYers and service professionals. This groundbreaking new study analyzes the online retail market for sales of aftermarket parts, and serves as the foundation for the association to provide a unified estimate of online sales within the industry. 

The study will:

• Provide a comprehensive summary of the online retail parts sales market including part category sizing;      
• Establish a single industry data point for e-tailing; 
• Understand trends in automotive parts e-tailing; 
• Set a baseline to compare against future category growth; and 
• Provide benchmarks for member companies to determine online share.

Our expectations are high about interest in the study and we have created purchasing options for association members and non- members to accommodate their needs and budget. Options include the full report, an executive summary and three modules.

The full report provides a comprehensive analysis of the e-tailing channel based upon a triangulated analysis of pre-existing studies, existing data, consumer and installer surveys, and in-depth interviews (IDIs) within the auto care industry.

The Executive Summary provides an overview of all the key component study findings, which include insights from the market sizing, repair shop/installer and consumer research.

The Market Size and Growth module estimates the total dollar volume of replacement parts sold via e-tailers for 2013 in consumer dollars. Dollar volumes are shown by both total markets, as well as by replacement part category. Growth estimates are provided for the short and long term horizons, with penetrations levels for e-tailing and various growth scenarios. 

The Repair Shop/Installer Survey Results module includes an in-depth analysis of the repair shop’s usage of e-tailing within their business. Key insights include the size of the e-tailing market as well as the size of replacement part categories within this segment. The report also documents the role of e-tailing within shops addressing topics such as pricing, attitudes towards e-tailing, purchase methods, Internet parts research, delivery requirements, “Web-rooming,” general Web purchasing behavior and more.

The Consumer/Vehicle Owner Survey Results module examines the DIY automotive consumer and their e-tailing habits. Key insights include the size of the DIY e-tailing market as well as the size of replacement part categories within this segment.

IMR Inc. and The Martec Group were commissioned by the Auto Care Association to perform the research and modules for this report. Each version of the report is priced differently for Auto Care Association members and non-members. For pricing and more information, visit