Adopting the New Brand

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on October 06, 2014

It was just six months ago that we officially changed our name from the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association to the Auto Care Association, part of a comprehensive rebranding initiative. Not only did we change our name to better reflect the industry we represent, we redefined our industry – the auto care industry – to be better understood and appreciated by stakeholders and audiences outside of our industry.

Since launching the new brand, it has been full speed ahead, rolling out the brand and industry story to members, the industry, legislators, government regulators, consumer/business/financial media and other stakeholders. I am extremely pleased to report that awareness, acceptance and support of the new brand have been overwhelming. Members are adopting the new name and logo and the new auto care industry language.

Our government affairs staff reports a greater understanding of the new association and industry names and language among legislators, agency regulators and their staff. We have observed more frequent use of the term auto care industry in the media, during meetings, speeches and corporate financial reports.

What we now call our industry and how we describe our industry is making it easier to communicate the value the auto care industry delivers to consumers, businesses and the economy. Our industry guarantees freedom of mobility. Our industry keeps America rolling. Our industry contributes to safety, jobs, energy efficiency, the economy and overall quality of life.

As the voice of the auto care industry, the Auto Care Association is bringing a stronger focus to how we communicate on behalf of the industry. We hope our members will continue to adopt the new association name and logo and the new auto care industry language.

A simple way to show support for the rebranding is to join other member companies in our digital badge program, and show your support of your association online! This online badge can be easily downloaded and posted to your company’s website and social media channels, and demonstrates your association affiliation. And, your participation is recognized via Auto Care Association social media.

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Thank you, and cheers.

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