#Content Is King

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on December 10, 2014

Content is king. We hear this all the time, and it’s so true.


Timely, relevant, accurate, topical and interesting content is a valuable commodity for any business striving to communicate with its customers. It’s especially critical for independent repair shops who need to provide service and repair information to their current and potential customers on their website, emails, newsletters and social media.

Let’s face it — while repair shop owners are masters at diagnosing, ordering parts, servicing and repairing a consumer’s vehicle the same day, they quite often are not the best marketers.


So, creating content to communicate can be a struggle.


Fortunately, there is a solution and it’s called the Car Care Council. Its new monthly electronic newsletter — The Car Care Council e-brief — reports activities and initiatives performed on behalf of the auto care industry, and provides original, user-ready content and resources to help the industry connect with consumers and participate in the “Be Car Care Aware” campaign.


This monthly e-newsletter provides access to timely, creative content (including original infographics) that can be shared, posted, retweeted, and yes, “regrammed,” throughout each month. And best of all — it’s free!


Recent topics have included the newly-redesigned Car Care Guide, preparing for winter and national car care months, information on hosting a vehicle inspection event and participating in the consumer facing #MaintenanceMondays campaign on Instagram.


Sign up here today – your customers will thank you. 

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