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Adopting the New Brand

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on October 06, 2014
It was just six months ago that we officially changed our name from the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association to the Auto Care Association, part of a comprehensive rebranding initiative.

Better Communicating Who We Are

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on April 30, 2014

With this special issue of Auto Care Insider magazine we debut the new Auto Care Association.  

New Name, New Brand, New Story: Coming Spring 2014

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on December 05, 2013

If you attended the AAIA Town Hall breakfast during AAPEX, you saw the 90-second video previewing an ambitious and bold rebranding initiative by our association.

Lousy Terms of Endearment

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on August 01, 2013

Today I propose to forever ban the use of two terms you hear way too often in our industry. Our industry is confusing enough to outsiders. We don’t need to be making things worse. Via today’s blog, I’m declaring war on the word “installer” when referring to a professional automotive technician, and the words “service dealer” when referring to an independent service and repair business. These are archaic terms that should be stricken from our vocabulary.