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Auto Care Association Signs Letter Urging President Trump to Delay All Duties

Posted by Auto Care News on April 28, 2020
BETHESDA, Md. – April 28, 2020 – The Auto Care Association joined hundreds of businesses and associations in the Americans for Free Trade coalition today, signing on to a letter urging President Trump to delay the collection of all duties and fees on imports for March through June 2020. While thanking the president for his leadership on delaying payment of certain taxes to help businesses with liquidity during the COVID-19 pandemic, the letter also asks President Trump to expand the current program—which only covers a limited set of  duties on imports for March and April—by extending the period for another two months and including all duties and fees due on those imports.
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Women in Auto Care Now Accepting 2020 Women of the Year Award Nominations

Posted by Auto Care News on April 27, 2020
BETHESDA, Md. – April 27, 2020 – Women in Auto Care, a community of the Auto Care Association, today announced it is accepting nominations for the 2020 Women of the Year Awards. The Women of the Year Awards include “Auto Care Woman of the Year”, “Female Shop Owner of the Year” and “Auto Care Woman of Excellence” and highlight women who have made a significant impact in the auto care industry.

Market Insights with Mike: Pandemic Impact and Outlook on the Auto Care Industry

Posted by Auto Care News on April 23, 2020
BETHESDA, Md. – April 23, 2020 – In the inaugural edition of Market Insights with Mike, Mike Chung, director, market intelligence, Auto Care Association, highlighted trends in vehicle miles driven and launched a survey to learn about the impact of COVID-19 on the aftermarket. In this new piece, Mike highlights the results from the survey. Traffic continues to stay at nearly 50% below their levels in late February. INRIX reports that the drop in vehicular traffic has flattened a bit in recent weeks – passenger travel was on average 48% lower during the week of April 4-10 than the week of Feb. 22-29.
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YANG Partners with AACF for #YANGgive19 Social Media Challenge

Posted by Auto Care News on April 07, 2020
BETHESDA, Md. – April 7, 2020 – The Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG), a community of the Auto Care Association, is partnering with the Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation (AACF) to begin a grassroots campaign, the #YANGgive19 Challenge, to raise support for the industry and the charitable foundation during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
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Market Insights with Mike: Recent Trends in Vehicle Miles Driven During COVID-19

Posted by Auto Care News on April 07, 2020
BETHESDA, Md. – April 7, 2020 – “Market Insights with Mike” is a new series presented by the Auto Care Association’s Director of Market Intelligence, Mike Chung, that is dedicated to analyzing market-influencing trends as they happen and their potential effects on your business and the auto care industry.
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Auto Care Association TrendLens™ Offers Industry Clarity and Interactive Insights

Posted by Auto Care News on April 06, 2020
BETHESDA, Md. – April 6, 2020 – In a time where uncertainty and volatility appear to be the new norms for the global economy, TrendLens™, the Auto Care Association’s online industry research platform, can help with industry clarity by providing up-to-date, interactive data and insights. TrendLens™ offers a data-based perspective into which market-influencing factors are affecting the industry, so you can make effective, well-informed decisions for your business when it counts.
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Michael Chung Joins Auto Care Association as New Director of Market Intelligence

Posted by Auto Care News on April 02, 2020
BETHESDA, Md. – April 2, 2020 – The Auto Care Association today announced the addition of Michael Chung as director of the association’s market intelligence department. Chung brings more than a dozen years of experience in market research, including market research program creation and management, strategy development and client engagement. In his role as director of market intelligence, Chung will play an important role in providing the association’s leaders, its members and nonmembers with timely information on key factors and trends influencing the economic health of the United States automotive aftermarket industry. The Auto Care Association’s market intelligence research serves as a critical resource for the automotive aftermarket industry by helping its businesses throughout the supply chain to make better business decisions. The association's addition of Chung at this time will prove to be a critical step in helping its members navigate the current impact of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic through his leadership on evolving the association's industry research, analysis and insights.