Celebrate National Car Care Month

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on March 18, 2014

While those of us in the auto care industry consider every month car care month, April is the official National Car Care Month according to the non-profit Car Care Council. By the way, I’m proud to affirm that our association funds and directs the council, whose purpose is to educate consumers about the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair.

Could there be a better time of the year to remind car owners to give their vehicles some TLC? I doubt it, especially this spring after the ravages of record low temperatures and snowfall in many regions of the country.

Folks are tired of cleaning snow and salt off their cars and dodging those bone-rattling potholes. As consumers transition from cold weather to warm weather, they adopt an overall spring cleaning mind-set, whether it’s with their house, lawn or vehicle. And they are getting excited about planning those spring and summer road trips and vacations.

So April offers a huge opportunity for parts stores and repair shops to market their products and services to consumers who are in the mood to fix up their vehicles and get back out on the road. More than 35 million motorists are planning to take a trip by car this Memorial Day weekend. The Car Care Council has tons of resources for stores and shops and distributors who need content for their website and social media outreach and the tools needed to get involved in and celebrate National Car Care Month. Go to www.carcare.org.

Last year, we learned from vehicles inspections conducted around the country during National Car Care Month community events that 79 percent needed service performed and/or at least one part replaced.

There is plenty of undone work out there. Leverage National Car Care Month to capture it.

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