staff directory

Auto Care Association
7101 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 1300 
Bethesda, MD 20814

President & CEO

Bill Hanvey; ext. 1077        

Denise Truvillion
Manager of Board & Executive Affairs; Ext: 1020    

Government Affairs

Aaron Lowe, AAP
Senior Vice President, Government Affairs; ext. 1021

Danielle Thomas-Pollard
Executive Assistant; ext. 1035 

Paul Fiore 
Senior Director, Government Affairs; ext. 1036

David Pinkham 
Manager, Government Affairs; ext. 1028

Matt Robbins
Director, Government Affairs; ext. 1073

Tom Tucker
Director, State Affairs; ext. 1042

Meetings & Events

Michael Barratt, CMP
Senior Vice President, Meetings and Events; ext. 1034 

Leah Jones, CMP, CAE          
Director, Meetings and Events; ext. 1061

Danielle King, CMP
Manager, Meetings & Events; ext 1069

Heather Bowen 
Coordinator, Meetings and Events; ext. 1026


Amanda Bischoping
Manager, Education; ext. 1027


Mark Bogdansky
Senior Director, Meetings and Events; ext. 1064

Jessica Finnerty, CEM
Manager, Meetings and Events; ext. 1051

International Affairs

Carolina Arregoces 
Associate, International Affairs; ext. 1037

Angela Chiang
Director, International Affairs; ext. 1057


Taylor Mitchell 
Vice President, Technology; ext. 1049  


Emerging Technologies

Joe Register
Vice President, Emerging Technologies; ext. 1056

Danielle Thomas-Pollard
Executive Assistant; ext. 1035 

Christine Smitz
Project Manager, Emerging Technologies; ext. 1062 


Kelly Molyneux
Director, Product Development; ext. 1072

Milt Grimes
Lead ACES Analyst

Jonathan Larsen 
Manager, Reference Data Architect and Quality         ; ext. 1031 

Tom Schiavo
Data Analyst; ext. 1091

Frank Feng

SQL Database Developer; ext. 1071

Internal Support

Marc Ferguson 
Support Specialist, Technical Standards; ext. 1058



Nathan Perrine
Chief Financial Officer; ext. 1040

Lea Diamond
Director, Human Resources; ext. 1066

Billy Sissamis
Controller; ext. 1046

Chris Obiamiwe
Junior Accountant; ext. 1063 

Alexis Wilson
Front Desk Coordinator; ext. 1016

Strategic Development

Behzad Rassuli
Senior Vice President, Strategic Development; ext. 1050

Quinlan Brennan 
Executive Assistant, Strategic Development; ext. 1024


Kirsten Zaremba
Senior Director of Marketing; ext. 1084 

Courtney Hammer, CAE
Director, Job and Career Development; ext. 1067   


Stacey Miller
Director, Communications; ext. 1017

Tom Ho
Art Director; ext. 1055

Nathaly Branham
Web Manager; ext. 1059

Camille Sheehan
Communications Manager; ext. 1019

Erin Swarthout
Graphic Designer; ext. 1090


Lia Zegeye 
Director, Membership; ext. 1023

Elena Fauquier 
Associate, Member Relations; ext. 1025

Todd Finnerty
Associate, Member Engagement; ext. 1081

Community Engagement

Larry Northup, AAP
Senior Director, Community Engagement; ext. 1022

Sheila Andrews 
Director, Heavy Duty Programs; ext. 1047

Jessica Fainberg 
Coordinator, Community Engagement; Ext: 1016

Freda Jones 
Manager, Community Engagement
mailto:; ext. 1085

Market Intelligence

Ron Rossi , MAAP
Director, Market Intelligence; ext. 1038

Martin Afelbil
Senior Research Analyst; ext. 1065

Category Management

Daniel Zenko
Director, Data Innovation; ext. 1053

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