automotive electric association

automotive electric association


To support the automotive electric distributors in their efforts to supply and service the fleet, industrial and heavy duty distribution channels in the sales and service of starting, charging, lighting, instrumentation and related components.

Why should you join AEA?

The Auto Care Association (AEA) segment offers a number of resources to assist your automotive electric company in improving your profits and bottom line. Automotive Electric Association provides the following benefits to its segment members:
  • Provides manufacturer and distributor members the means to stay current with today’s industry and technology trends, share ideas and develop new business concepts to meet the changing demands of the automotive electrical business.
  • Provides the opportunity to learn from industry-leading exhibits and seminars and participate in executive level one-on-one meetings at the annual HDAW/AEA meeting.
  • Optimizes the membership’s ability to meet the demands of mutual customers and exceed their expectations with industry-leading products and services.

AEA Segment Committee

Committee Chair 
Bruce Cantrell, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Yorktown, IN

Committee Members 
  • Patrick Brilly, Remy, Inc., Pendleton, IN
  • Charles R. Hess, H.G. Makelim Co., South San Francisco, CA
  • Diane Kenny, DENSO Sales California, Inc., Long Beach, CA 
  • Nick Kuechly, J&N Electric, Cincinnati, OH
  • Thomas A. Novak, Robert Bosch, LLC, Broadview, IL
  • George Phillips, Diesel Injection Service Co., Louisville, KY
  • Bo Powell, Southeast Power Systems, Inc., Orlando, FL

Committee Liaison
Courtney Hammer, Auto Care Association  

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