host a regional meet-up

host a regional meet-up

About the program:

The YANG Regional Meet-up was created to better serve our members across the country. We understand that not all of our members travel to industry events; however it is important to us that all of our members experience YANG. The YANG Regional Meet-up was introduced in 2015.

How the program works:

We are relying on our members to be ambassadors and champions of YANG. If you would like to have a direct impact on YANG’s membership value, work closely with the YANG Advisory Council, and contribute to YANG’s success, please consider hosting an event in your local area. YANG Regional Meet-Ups are intended to be professional opportunities and business attire is suggested for all events. The format of the event is up to the host (networking reception, educational, professional speaker). These events can be partnered with existing industry events (state association events, committee meetings, etc.), however, creativity is welcomed!

YANG will provide YANG-To-Go Supplies and help sponsors:

  • Room/ venue rental
  • Speaker fees
  • Food

YANG-To-Go Supplies Include:

  • YANG Sign
  • YANG business cards
  • Sign-in sheets
  • Name badges

Apply to be a Host:

To host a YANG Regional Meet-up fill out the application, submit to Katy McQuiston no less than 30 days prior to your proposed event date.

  • Once your event is approved by the YANG Advisory Council, you will receive notification to start the promotion of your event. As the host, you are responsible for advertising your event. However, YANG and the Auto Care Association are here to help you! You will be provided a list of YANG members in your area. This will help start your invite list.
  • Advertise the upcoming Regional Meet-up on YANG Connect
  • Utilize all other social media outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook and more
  • Keep track of those planning to attend – communicate with potential attendees to develop an RSVP list and relay this information to Katy McQuiston a week before your event

Within 7-10 days of your event, you will receive a shipment from the Auto Care Association with YANG-To-Go Supplies. In the supply box there will be a pre-paid address label to return the supplies after the event.


The Event:

As the event host you are expected to be the primary contact with the venue and the guests. You are responsible for coordination and all event logistics. It is your responsibility to welcome attendees and encourage lively discussion and interaction! You are expected to be present at the event for its duration.

Follow Up:

Following the event it is your responsibility to report back to the YANG Advisory Council and the Auto Care Association. We also want to share the success of your event with YANG. After the event you will be asked to share the following:

  • Write an article for the next edition of the YANGster Wrap
  • Share pictures of the event with the Auto Care Association and on YANG Connect
  • Be available to give feedback to future hosts
  • Provide Katy McQuiston with a full attendee list including attendee e-mails
  • Return the YANG banner and left over materials to Auto Care Association headquarters using the prepaid shipping label

The YANG Regional Meet-up is a great way for YANG to partner with your organization to reach out to young people in your area.

We appreciate your contributions to the success of the premier group for young auto care professionals and look forward to working together to connect YANGsters on a regional platform.

Will you host an event for us? If so, fill out the application*.

In order to assure that your application will be delivered properly, download and complete the application using Adobe Reader.

Click for a list of host expectations & best practices.

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