Similar to in homes and businesses, wireless technology is quickly becoming an important part of the “smart” connected vehicle. This telematics technology is providing motorists with remote access to a wide range of entertainment and information services within their vehicle, including navigation, traffic, email, web browsing, social media and travel assistance. Furthermore, telematics will likely provide significant safety benefits through use of technology that enables vehicles to communicate with each other and with the roadway network, as well as quickly communicate the need for emergency or breakdown assistance to the appropriate authorities.

While the Auto Care Association recognizes the safety and convenience benefits of vehicle telematics, consumer privacy, as well as the vitality of the independent auto care industry, must be protected. Once a vehicle is purchased by an individual, the car owner, not the car company, should determine where the information from those systems is sent, if to anyone. Such action is needed to uphold consumers’ expectation of privacy and choice regarding their personal data and to maintain a healthy competitive landscape for vehicle repair. It is their car, their data, their choice.

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