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Super Spec is an industry-specific definition of the EDI requirements needed to connect distributors and retailers with their manufacturers and suppliers in the aftermarket. Super Spec was originally developed by GCommerce through their efforts to set-up and manage thousands of EDI connections. The Super Spec was contributed to the Aftermarket to encourage trading partners to follow a single method of mapping the e-commerce connections.

EDI transaction mapping is a complex process due to the variety of business systems and applications and the unique EDI and business requirements between trading partners. By using the Aftermarket Super Spec, partners can connect and start exchanging electronic business documents in hours instead of days or weeks. The simplification and time-savings encourage more buyers and sellers to connect and replace paper processes with electronic document exchange.

Latest version

Super Spec version 8.1


Executive Overview - a presentation of the function and benefits of Super Spec in non-technical terms
Technical Overview - a presentation of the use of a canonical specification for electronic document exchange

Case Studies

Standard Motor Products (SMP) connects with customers in 93% less time and effort
Fisher Auto Parts finds Super Spec makes EDI Simple and affordable
Integrated Supply Network (ISN) saves 300 hours per month in reconciliation
Tenneco spends 90% less time mapping thanks to Super Spec
Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance garners 2000% ROI with Super Spec
K&N Engineering on-boards EDI trading partners 75% faster

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